DEFRA Secretary announces fresh SFI and CS payments, including for Precision Farming, at the 2024 Oxford Farming Conference

Specifically, DEFRA are introducing four new actions and supplements for businesses using precision farming. Variable rate application of nutrients NEW 3 years £27per ha Precision farming variable rate technology is used to apply nutrients on arable, horticultural land or improved permanent grassland, to match the nutrient needs of crops for different areas within land parcels. […]

RHIZA helps save customer time and hassle

Alex Rogers, crop input specialist with the north of England team, explains how he used RHIZA to produce a soil management plan (SMP) that fulfilled the requirements of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI). The SFI represents an opportunity to be paid for delivering positive environmental actions. Some of the practices required under the SFI are […]

‘The field of the future’: The Digital Technology Farms

As part of the wider technology strategy being developed by the Agrii R&D team, this autumn, we are launching an innovative project involving the use of several connected technologies that can be used to enhance agronomic decisions at field scale throughout the growing season. The Digital Technology Farm (DTF) trials are bringing the “field of […]

RHIZA Whole Field Seed Planner enables greater accuracy

Every crop begins with seed, so why not be precise in how it’s used? Plant population is one of the fundamentals of crop performance, but it is easily affected by factors outside the grower’s control, such as weed competition, soil type and nutrient status. Even the choice of seed treatment has been shown to influence […]