Spring 2024

DEFRA Secretary announces fresh SFI and CS payments, including for Precision Farming, at the 2024 Oxford Farming Conference

Variable rate application of nutrientsNEW 3 years £27
per ha
Precision farming variable rate technology is used to apply nutrients on arable, horticultural land or improved permanent grassland, to match the nutrient needs of crops for different areas within land parcels.
Camera or remote sensor guided herbicide sprayingNEW 3 years£43
per ha
Automated camera-guided or remote sensing technology is used to precisely target application of contact herbicides to control weeds on arable land, permanent crops or permanent grassland.
Robotic mechanical weedingNEW 3 years£150
per ha
Robotic mechanical weeding technology is used for precision weed control on arable and horticultural land.
NEW 3 years£101
per ha
Robotic non-mechanical weeding technology is used, such as laser or electric weeders, for precision weed control on arable and horticultural land.

Whilst we continue to wait for more detail on how to access these payments, be sure to check the latest information on Environmental Land Management payments and other schemes by visiting the DEFRA website or contacting Paul Pickford at

If you aren’t already taking advantage of RHIZA precision/variable rate nutrition and seed services and wish to, please contact us at Alternatively, you can visit our website at

With a significant payment now available under SFI for variable rate nutrition, will you be considering variable application of your crop nutrition?

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