Veg trials show yield benefit of Agrii-Start Release

Trials with Agrii-Start Release in field vegetable crops show potential for reduced phosphorous applications, reports Don Pendergrast, Agrii technical manager for non-combinable crops. The use of Agrii-Start Release, a soil-applied cation complexing agent used to improve the availability of phosphorous, has improved marketable yields by at least 10% in carrots, bulb onions and white cabbage. […]

Active R&D: meeting the challenges of the future

Crop and product trials are an essential means of giving growers the information they need to produce productive and profitable crops, explains Don Pendergrast, Agrii head of non-combinable crop R&D. The farming industry faces challenges from all sides. They may come in the form of regulatory changes or market pressures, but the impact is often […]

Precision-Driven Solutions: Agrii VSE gears up for the treatment season

The Agrii Vegetable Seed Enhancement (VSE) team stands fully prepared for the upcoming treatment season and is delighted to offer solutions that will help improve on-farm performance. We will offer seed enhancement services to seed houses and growers this autumn. The crop focus will be onion, carrot, parsnip, spinach, lettuce and leek. We take pride […]