Spring 2024

Active R&D: meeting the challenges of the future

Crop and product trials are an essential means of giving growers the information they need to produce productive and profitable crops, explains Don Pendergrast, Agrii head of non-combinable crop R&D.

The farming industry faces challenges from all sides. They may come in the form of regulatory changes or market pressures, but the impact is often much the same: more pressure on growers to deliver crops that meet yield and quality expectations with fewer resources. For Agrii, field trials serve to provide the answers being asked by growers.

Some widely used active substances have been lost and many more are under review in the European Union

Bacillus pumilus QST 2808Expires in 2024
SpirotetramatExpires in 2024
BenthiavalicarbHigh risk
ClofentezineHigh risk
DifenoconazoleHigh risk
DimethomorphHigh risk
MepanipyrimHigh risk
MetribuzinHigh risk
Napropamide-MHigh risk
PhenmediphamHigh risk
S-MetolachlorHigh risk
Triflusulfuron-methylHigh risk
Reference: As assessed by Agrii, 2023