Autumn 2023

Precision-Driven Solutions: Agrii VSE gears up for the treatment season

The Agrii Vegetable Seed Enhancement (VSE) team stands fully prepared for the upcoming treatment season and is delighted to offer solutions that will help improve on-farm performance. We will offer seed enhancement services to seed houses and growers this autumn. The crop focus will be onion, carrot, parsnip, spinach, lettuce and leek.

We take pride in the quality of our encrustments and are happy to offer a product which meets industry standards. Also, we have been working to develop our filmcoat offering through meticulous research and analysis. We have evaluated several new products and are excited to offer our customers targeted enhancement solutions.

Our treatment options will focus on biological offerings, including biostimulants, nutritional options and their combinations. We have devoted significant attention to our trials, carefully developing combinations to create a successful treatment story. Following the Agrii standards and our commitment to sustainable practices, all products we introduce to the market have proven efficacy.

We also welcome feedback from Agrii’s agronomy team and growers, encouraging them to share their field experiences and crop-related challenges. This collaborative approach enables us to thoroughly study and analyse the issues alongside other Agrii teams, which will help to craft tailored and appropriate solutions.

In the current cost-driven landscape, precision and effective solutions have become paramount. VSE aims to take a proactive approach, deliver quality service of seed enhancement, and establish a strong industry presence in the seed coating sector.

Please get in touch for more information with Kateryna Prylutska, VSE manager on 07720 974891,