Seed Select: Unearthing Top Varieties for Autumn

With the launch of the new recommended list for cereals and oilseed rape in November 2023, Agrii’s seed experts Rodger Shirreff, national seed business manager, John Miles, seed technical manager, and David Leaper, seed technical specialist, share their opinions on this podcast and look into what’s new. We have brought you the key take homes […]

Priorities for Farm-saving Your Spring Barley

Following the atrocious conditions last autumn, most certified spring seed was sold out well before Christmas. Even then, the eventual supply of certified seed is still subject to germination, and there have already been some widespread issues caused by the difficult harvest last year. That leaves farm-saved seed as almost the only possible option for […]

Spring Seed Yearbook: The must-have variety guide for 2024

Welcome to the 2024 edition of the Agrii Spring Crops Yearbook, your go-to resource for information on topics related to spring seed. This year, we are delighted to report a significant increase in the number of customers benefiting from our reserved seed offer. At Agrii, we take great care in selecting varieties that are in […]

Winter beans

Winter beans are a sound alternative break crop to oilseed rape, providing good residual nitrogen levels for the following cereal crop. Agrii has good availability of Vespa, Tundra and Vincent winter beans for autumn sowing. Vespa is the Market-leading winter bean variety, offering high yields and good all-round disease resistance. Vincent is new addition to […]

Investment in Mobile Colour Sorting Technology

Ergot continues to be a significant issue for many farmers. Reduced tillage and blackgrass are partly to blame but cool, dull, and wet weather at and after flowering also increase the incidence of this disease. Ergots contain large amounts of toxic alkaloids that can pose a risk to animal and human health. Stringent controls are […]

Skyway spring barley set for take-off

Skyway, the high-yielding spring barley with full approval for brewing, is on course to become one of the most popular varieties of 2024 after impressing growers over the past two seasons. Demonstrating a combination of yield and agronomic characteristics that puts it ahead of both RGT Planet and Laurette (see table), it has performed strongly […]