Harvest 2023: iFarm Results Report

The 22/23 season was undoubtedly a disease-pressured year, with variety choice being an important component of disease risk management. Enclosed in the 2023 report, you will find variety results on our spring and winter cereal and winter oilseed rape trials as well as a special feature on drones in action and variable rate nitrogen with […]

Latest research shows all-round benefits from ‘appropriate’ tillage

Reducing cultivations may help improve long-term soil structure and health. However, the latest research shows that, like profitability, Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission levels depend on crop productivity The results of field-scale trials at the country’s longest-established grassweed management technology centre at Stow Longa near Huntingdon underline that tillage itself need […]

Future-proofing Agrii’s research

Agrii’s strength is delivering agronomic advice completely backed by our own research to ensure sustainable and profitable farming systems. Our research is currently completed in replicated small plot and tramline trials located on 28 iFarms and Technology hubs spread across the UK. Additionally, we also co-ordinate many farmer led split field demonstration type trials to […]

Evaluating the genetic defences of Spring Barley

Part of Agrii’s regional network of farm strip trials, this season’s wheat and barley plots at Lower Eggbeer are highlighting the increasingly viable genetic barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) defences now becoming available to UK growers as well as how devastating the virus can be. “We know BYDV can halve wheat and barley yields,” notes […]

iFarm visitors up 37% on 2022 to more than 2,400 visitors

For many growers, on-farm trials are the living proof that support a change in cropping choices, herbicide and fungicide strategies and environmental commitments.

Brothers John and James Russell of Mawhill Farm, Kinross have hosted trials as part of the Agrii iFarm network since 2020.The learnings identified in the years since have been applied across the farm.

West Country BYDV Eye-Opener

This season has been a real barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV) eye-opener for Phil Lockyer and his partner Kate at Lower Eggbeer, Cheriton Bishop near Exeter on the northern edge of Dartmoor National Park. Despite diligent field-walking every two days until the December cold snap, they found no aphids at all in the winter wheat […]