How to kickstart slow growing crops this spring

With relentless winter rain in many parts of the country following an already challenging autumn for many, winter-sown crops are going to need a lot of care and attention in the next few weeks to get them performing to their full potential in 2024. Agrii’s R&D fertiliser technical manager Jim Carswell takes a look at […]

Test soils to identify spring fertiliser requirements

Addressing this situation is likely to require a more detailed focus on applications than might be expected in a typical year, but it need not all come on the form of traditional product derived from a bag. Bulk product is still the best means of supplying nutrient in large quantity, but there is now a […]

Research shows new key to maximising liquid fertiliser sustainability

Contracted research by Verdesian as well as Agrii Technology Centres and iFarms has highlighted marked increases in Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) from the stabiliser’s unique combination of urease and nitrification inhibitors. These have led to valuable improvements in crop yield and quality as well as machinery and labour use, and – every bit as importantly […]

Measuring and managing soil P and K

Phosphate (P) and Potassium (K) are two of the big three macro-nutrients for plant nutrition; they are also some of the most considerable crop input requirements for development, growth, and yield. This places a high significance on managing the application and utilisation of P and K. Throughout the last cropping year, P and K prices […]

Focus on soil organic matter

So you’ve got your soil organic matter (SOM) results back. But what do those results mean, and what value are they?We have gathered six key things you need to know about organic matter. To learn more about organic matter testing, please get in touch with your local agronomist. You can find out more about organic […]

Photo ID to be required to buy ammonium nitrate

The Home Office has amended the Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023 to introduce new substances to the lists of regulated explosives precursors and poisons, including Ammonium Nitrate based fertiliser with a nitrogen content of 16% or more. This applies to compounds, blends and mixtures such as NPK fertiliser containing ammonium nitrate above […]