Autumn 2023

Investment in Mobile Colour Sorting Technology

Ergot continues to be a significant issue for many farmers. Reduced tillage and blackgrass are partly to blame but cool, dull, and wet weather at and after flowering also increase the incidence of this disease.

Ergots contain large amounts of toxic alkaloids that can pose a risk to animal and human health. Stringent controls are in place in traded grain to prevent them getting into livestock feed and grains destined for human consumption.

The removal of ergots from affected crops has improved significantly in recent years through the application of colour sorting technology. Last autumn Agrii commissioned a new state-of-the-art mobile colour-sorter that has significantly increased capacity and regional coverage.

If you’re worried about ergot contamination on your farm, please get in touch with your usual Agrii agronomist, or Mark Taylor, Agrii National Farm Saved Seed Business Manager on 07836 527251 /

Our latest colour sorter in operation on-farm.

“Agrii Farm Saved Seed always provides a seamless service for us. I like the level of control I get in terms of timings, choice of seed treatments and overall quality of the final product. The team is friendly and well trained; I highly recommend them.”

Mark Holt Langold Estates