Autumn 2023

Biostimulant Seed Treatments : A boost to growth and yield

Biostimulant seed treatments are increasingly used to boost early crop growth, especially in later drilled crops where grassweeds remain a major issue.

This year has the seen the introduction of a number of new biostimulants including Nuello iN, a blend of endophytes from Syngenta, and Newton, based on vegetable-derived peptides from Interagro.

These new biostimulants have been tested in Agrii R&D trials over two years and the results are comparable with those from Agrii’s existing biostimulant range, Take Off and Vibrance Duo.

Take Off and Vibrance Duo have been tested for many years across a range of crops and the results are compelling. Not only do they set the crop up better in the autumn they frequently deliver a positive yield benefit that more than covers the cost of treatment. They are ideally suited for later drilling or for cold wet soil conditions where the crop needs a helping hand.

A summary of Agrii’s comprehensive and robust results over many years are presented in the graphs.